Sunday, 22 January 2012

You're turning into something you are not.

This is a bit of mix and match post, with some pictures and a bit of what i've been up to! I had my last exam on friday which was completely horrible but oh well, there's nothing I can do now! Here's some lovely photo's of me I took whilst I was supposed to be revising!

Couldn't resist posting this one aha.
Friday night me and some friends went out to celebrate and it was such a good night, so funny! 

I'm wearing: Dress - Topshop
Heels - Next
Belt - Miss Selfridge 
(none of this outfit actually belongs to me, here's to having friends with nice clothes!) 
Yesterday I went shopping with my mother and bought some lovely things but I'll save those for another post! Today I'm spending the day tidying, selling things on ebay and just generally relaxing! 


  1. I love the outfit, your friends have nice clothes hehe. And your eye make up looks lovely too! Well done on finishing the exams :) xx

  2. I love your dress :) Well done on finishing exams! x

  3. That dress is a beaut. Hope you've treated yourself after the exams!



  4. Love your blog, following! :)

  5. I love your velvet dress, so gorgeous!