Monday, 23 January 2012

We get older they get younger.

Here's the things I bought on Saturday as mentioned in my last post, its not a lot but thought you might be interested! 

Firstly I got these shoes and I absolutely love them, they were in the sale section which said £6 but when I got to the till they were only £2, what a bargain! The only downside is they're brown but I love them nonetheless! Excuse the horrible feet, someone stood on me on Friday night!

I got this lovely shirt for £10, its such a lovely colour however its a bit tight so I'm going to swap it for the bigger size! 

Finally I got this super cute little top which a lovely peter pan collar and scalloped detail, it was £5 which is pretty good!

I've got my second weight watchers meeting tonight so wish me luck!


  1. Love everything you got. The shoes were such a bargain, they're gorgeous :) xx

  2. i love the second top, the collar is adorable!

  3. love tops with collars ! great finds !
    p.s. thank you so much for following, i really appreciate it ! :)

  4. wow love those shoes!
    good luck with your weight watchers meetings xx
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