Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Remember me? After having a well needed break from blogging, I hope I'll be back for good! The main reason I've not been blogging is due to having no time and nothing to blog about really but I've got a few posts planned out so watch this space! I thought I would do a post to tell you all what I've been up to! 

I've been working, a lot! These last two weeks I've worked over 40 hours, part time? Pfft! | I attempted to do a 'what's in my school bag' post but it didn't go so well, but you get the gist! | I've been tidying my extremely messy room (it got worse than this!) | Once again, attempting and failing to take outfit photos, I think I need my own personal photographer! | I went for a meal and out afterwards for my friends 18th on Friday, this is me and my friend | Bought tickets to see the smiths indeed, I've seen them before so I'm super excited to see them again! | Got my Monki magazine through the post, can't wait to read it properly! | 

Hope you're all well and there'll hopefully be another post soon!


  1. typical teenage room! organised ciaos X

  2. Interesting post. :D Like that animal print. :D