Tuesday, 25 October 2011

A (late but amazing) week in photos!

Another failed outfit photo | I tried out this hairstyle, I think its safe to say her's looks a lot better than mine! | We did tug of war at school on Thursday | My sister cooked enchiladas for my family on Thursday | Friday it was my dad's surprise 60th birthday, this is my family | It was all foggy in the field | Saturday night I went to see Bon Iver in Edinburgh and it was one of the best nights! They're my favourite band and it was incredible! | Salt and vinegar hula hoops are one of the best things ever invented! |

I also went to see we need to talk about kevin at the cinema and it was unbelievably amazing, just as good as the book in my opinion which I think is really hard to do, I'd definitely recommend it! Hope you all had a good week


  1. Love the background of your blog! and need some of those hula hoops! haha
    poppy xx

  2. I like your hair in the second picture! Looks really pretty yet quite simple, might be taking inspiration from this for work