Thursday, 20 October 2011

Ahoy there sailors can you do the otter dance?

As I mentioned the other day, here is a piratey outfit of the day for you! I know you're probably thinking that I don't look very pirate like at all but unfortunately I took these when I got home and someone had stolen my hat and eye-patch! Every year for the past few years we've had a pirate day to remember a girl who died in a sailing accident, she loved pirates and therefore this was the best way to keep her memory living on, as well as raising money for the Great North Air Ambulance who helped in trying to save her.

Top - Primark
Skirt - H&M
Waistcoat - Fancy dress shop
Red Jewel Ring - Matalan, Other Rings - Unknowm

As I also mentioned I've quite a busy few days coming up. Tomorrow I'm off to see a French film with some friends and then will be setting up for my dad's surprise party on the night time which should be good! Then Saturday I'm off to Edinburgh to see Bon Iver! I'm so excited, they are one of my favourite bands so I know its going to be amazing! I come home on the Sunday and then Monday I'm out for my friends 18th! Will no doubt have quite a few photos to share with you and should have a haul coming up too! 
Hope you all have a good weekend!

P.S points for anyone who recognises the title!

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  1. I recognise the title! I don't remember from where, though? PB&J? Hahaha. Only otter-themed cartoon I can think of.
    Love your nails and ring!

    x Michelle |