Thursday, 8 September 2011

I think I can help you get through your exams, oh you handsome devil.

Yesterday was my first day back at sixth form, oh the joys! Being in my last year, I just can't wait to leave! This is the year that really counts and whilst everyone is busy sorting out UCAS and university stuff, I literally have no clue what I want to do with my life! All I know is that I'd love to be a Journalist and that's currently what I'm aiming for. Next week I'm doing a week's work experience for a local paper and I'm so excited/nervous, but I'm hoping it will confirm that I definitely want to be a journalist and I'll decide from there! So anyway, with a new school year, comes new clothes etc! First of, jewellery!

I got these two rings in London from Forever 21, I love them both and they were so cheap as well, Newcastle definitely needs a Forever 21! 

I got this ring and necklace from Portobello Market in London, the necklace was £6 and the ring was £5 I think which are both good prices as I love them both so much! I've been after a time piece necklace for ages so I'm pleased I found one.
This is my new blackberry cover and I love it, I got it from ebay and it was about £2 I think, such a good bargain! 
I got these two books for English Lit, the price of books these days are ridiculous, I'm reading Lolita now and its very creepy!
I also got this Jumper from Forever 21 and I love it too, I think it was about £15 which is quite a good price to me!
This is from Zara and it was in the sale for £10, it didn't have a tag on so I'm not sure how much it was supposed to be but its 100% silk so I think it must have been quite a bit which makes me love it either more!
This jumper is from H&M and it was around £12 I think, I really love the colour and its perfect for school.
This shirt is from Asda, can you believe it?! I love it and although we're not supposed to wear patterns for school I wore this today and I got a lot of compliments, I love it!

These are my new trousers, I was after some harem style ones but couldn't find any but I do quite like these so its fine!
Finally, my beautiful new loafers! These were a Topshop bargain at £25 and real suede, I absolutely love them but they kill my feel, I've got two blisters already and I've only worn them for two days, boo!

Hope you're all well


  1. Lovely blog! Check out mine and follow! I'll follow yours back, just leave a comment with your blog in one of my posts! Thanks! :D

  2. oo i just love all the goodies you've bought!
    Don't worry about UCAS and applying to uni, it might seem like a mountain of a task and yes your personal statement does take a decade to complete but after you've applied you'll sit there and think.. was that it? it was easy!
    This year will fly by! Trust me :) Just have fun along the way! Good luck with your studies xx

    Chloe @ Cinnamon Tan

  3. Ive read both those books or at least tried to read lolita i couldn't get into it at all.
    I also have that ring, love it!

  4. I adoreeee the phone case!! And I LOVE Lolita, such a classic and I'm reading On the Road right now haha :) xxxxxxx

  5. The second ring is like the cutest ring I have ever seen lool xx

  6. That Asda shirt is so pretty! I also love the colour of the jumper! xx

  7. ahh i'm reading on the road right now! and yes lolita is well creepy, but soo good.

  8. Two of my fave books!

    Hope your work experience goes well! x

  9. It looks like you got some really good buys there =) I love the blouse from ASDA, you can find some really good things in there occasionally!! And I love Lolita, it is a little strange, but it is so beautifully written.