Sunday, 24 July 2011

A (very strange) week in photos.

I finished reading 'One Day' this week, I would recommend you all read it as its an amazing book, I loved it! | I took this earlier in the week, my hair is so curly underneath but the top is so flat, grr! Also I haven't edited it but it looks a bit strange | This photo sums up my night on Thursday (my two friends swapped shoes) - I went out with some people from work and had a very strange but good night | Some recent purchases - I'm going to do a post about this next week | I've also been reading some old French magazines. | I wrote this in 'wreck this journal' a while back and found it the other and laughed a lot! | I won abby's giveaway a while back and my prize came this week, thanks abby and witch! 

I also got up this morning to go car booting only to find it was rubbish! The place we went to had about 10 cars just filled with junk, I wasn't impressed!
Hope you all had a lovely week 
p.s I highly recommend you all listen to this song, its absolutely amazing.


  1. I love that book, it's been made into a movie hasn't it? And I laughed at that journal thing, time passing sounds riveting :')
    And ooh that's reminded me to try and finish reading my french magazines, I just end up looking at the pictures though x

  2. LOL I would have enjoyed seeing the guy walk in those heels haha.
    Seems like your summer is going well - hope it is.

    p.s I love your room, the colour, the calls - everything!

  3. I laughed a lot with the swapped shoes picture lol. All the others are really cute too :).

  4. Your hair looks cute in the second photo!

  5. your blog is lovely.