Friday, 22 July 2011

Summer goals

Some of these goals are not very hard but nonetheless, they're things I hope to accomplished by the end of the summer. So here goes;

 - Read 6 books (at least)
- Watch 'A single man', 'Blue valentine', 'The wild one', 'Human traffic', 'Control' and 'Cemetery junction'
- Sort out a savings account
- Visit family in Scotland
- Eat healthily 
- Complete the 30 day shred

- Tidy my room completely
- Write in my diary at least twice a week
- Revise French grammar and tenses (geek!)
- Tell that special someone how I really feel
- Sign up for a photography course

- Visit a car boot sale 
- Go charity shopping
- Sell things on ebay (kinda cheating with this one as i've already started it)
- Redecorate my walls

Those are all I can think of at the minute however i'll no doubt add to them as the summer goes on, wish me luck!

P.S my ebay things are ending today/tomorrow so please take a look :)


  1. Lovely Bones is one of my fave books ever and I've been meaning to read the colour purple for like forever! Also Cemetery Junction is awesome :D xx

  2. Your wall is wonderful! really inspiring. Trainspotting is a great film but I've never read the book, I get distracted way to easily when reading. I'm sill on anne frank's diary after a year!

  3. very cute! love it :)


  4. Good luck! Great post!

  5. Hey Kate! Thanks for your lovely comments:)
    Love your wall by the way!

  6. thank you very much :)
    i love foreigners who talk french haha

  7. Visit a car boot sale is in my to-do list since I came to UK!People always seem to find so many amazing things over there!