Saturday, 25 June 2011

Sorry i've been so absent this week, now that i'm back at school I seem to be so busy! Like i mentioned, Tuesday was my sisters graduation so me and my family travelled up to Edinburgh for the day to watch her graduate and then go for a meal. She got a first in applied psychology and i'm so proud of her! All along she thought she'd done really badly so she was so surprised when she found out what she got! Although you can't see my outfit very well on these the dress is Topshop. I also wore a blazer from Topshop but i took it off as it was quite hot!

My sister with her Diploma
My sister, brother and me

The whole family!

This is quite a different post to what I normally do but i just thought it would be nice for you all to see what i've been up too! Then on Wednesday I went to the hoppings which is a travelling fun fair type thing and I got my palm read which was so interesting but i'll say more about that later! Thursday consisted of school and then going straight to work, it was quite fun as we ended up having a bit of a food fight! I'm off school today as its a training day so i'm having a nice day doing nothing then heading to the pub tonight. Hope you all have a good weekend! 

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