Sunday, 1 April 2012

You will shelter me.

H&M £20

Primark £8 each
I went shopping today for the first time in ages, can you believe I didn't buy anything for the whole of March?! I didn't go too wild though as I'm still saving for spending money for my holiday but I'm super pleased with what I bought. I can't wait to wear them all so you'll no doubt see them in outfit posts soon!


  1. Well done for sticking with your spending ban! I'm so useless at them, it's pathetic. I do love these dresses, and the primark ones are a particular bargain

  2. What great dresses! I'm loving the H&M one.

  3. I love love love these little dresses; i bought a topshop one and was gutted when i discovered primark do one for more than half the price! hah, lovely blog :) xo

  4. cute dresses! Not shopping for a while makes it more enjoyable!

    Maria @ Orchard Bloom