Thursday, 15 March 2012

Imma ruin you c**t

(excuse the double chin ahaha)
Blazer - H&M
Trousers - M&S
Jumper - Forever 21
Necklace - Portobello
Today was my year photo at school which meant being super smart and actually wearing proper uniform! Its so annoying having to wear a business suit to school, it would be so much easier if we could wear whatever we wanted! I'm off to Sheffield tomorrow and get back late Saturday night. Sunday I'm working until 5 so its looking unlikely that I'll have chance to blog this weekend, but I'll no doubt be back Monday with some snaps from Sheffield. Hope you all have a good one!


  1. Love the necklace :) I have a similar one!

    Karys x

  2. Cute outfit for your school photo :)


  3. I am queen of the double chin in photos! Lovely necklace, and your nail varnish is a gorgeous shade <3 xx

  4. Hey I just tagged you in my post of 11 questions, so feel free to check it out and join in here
    : ]