Sunday, 29 January 2012

Oh sit down, sit down next to me.

Top & Shorts - Primark 
This is probably the cheapest outfit I own! I wore this just to quickly pop to town before I went to work yesterday. I love this top and its just long enough to wear with shorts, just means I have to pull them up a bit! I'm currently on the look out for a new job because of the lack of shifts I've been getting! In the past 3 weeks I've had one 6 hour shift which definitely isn't enough! Today I went to my friends to do a face mould, it was super fun and I'll no doubt show you a picture in my week in photos tomorrow!


  1. I love your top! I haven't shopped in Primark for ages, I really should pay it a visit...

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  2. A casual outfit, but so cute. I LOVE this top - I'm heading to primark tomorrow, so definitely looking out for this cutie!
    Hope you manage to find some work.x

  3. You look great, really like that tee and it suits those shorts perfect - wouldn't have thought this was a primark outfit at all! Good luck with the job search, I hope you manage to get some more shifts whilst you're searching too though!

  4. Love the scalloped top! Didnt know they done these in Primark must purchase some as they'll be cheaper than topshop! Great post:)

  5. Both the top and shorts are lovely, can't believe thier from Primark too! Great buys :) x