Friday, 16 September 2011

General life update!

Its been well over a week since I last did a proper post which is just not acceptable! These days I have no time to do anything which is just rubbish! Monday I started work experience at a local newspaper and lets just say it didn't go exactly as planned, I ended up hating it a lot and quitting (not exactly quitting, I told them I couldn't come back) on wednesday because it was just making me miserable! It also didn't help that it took me over two hours to get home which meant I wasn't getting in until half 7, when I finished at 5! So I decided it wasn't for me and went back to school on Thursday, naturally I managed to miss so much work in just 3 days and have been trying to catch up whilst doing other homework and trying to write a personal statement, woo!

Whilst on work experience I managed to do a spot of charity shop shopping and I got this dress for £4, a ring for £1 and this old magazine for 20p, bargain or what!

this is such a horribly quality photo!
These day my weekends consist of working both days and going out and getting nicely drunk, what a life I live. Hope you all enjoy the weekend


  1. Ooooh that dress is yum!! I love the style and the lovely rusty colour - and for only £4?! Bargain!!! x

  2. Pretty dress! That sucks about the work experience but it's really good that you quit, it's not worth being miserable at the end of the day. x hivenn

  3. nice dress!)
    i'm following you now, would you like to follow me back?)
    kisses and hugs from

  4. I love love love that dress :)

  5. Such a shame that you didn't like your work-experience :( glad you got out of it though + had the time to catch up and of course buy some gorgoeus stuff (very much LOVE that dress)

    Good luck doing your personal statement :)


  6. Nice dress! Love the things you bought, dear! I also need the "Digital Photo" mag. :D

  7. Love the dress! x