Wednesday, 17 August 2011

A (quite boring) Edinburgh in photos.

I thought I would show you a few photos and give you all a bit of a run down of what I did whilst I was in Edinburgh!

Day 1 consisted of seeing my cousin and her 2 year old, seeing my uncle for the first time in a while, having a lovely family meal and then going to see the amazing Jimeoin in this amazing looking tent! He was hilarious!

Day 2 was mainly visiting a different cousin and her 2 twin babies who I hadn't met yet, they were lovely! A quick trip to mcdonalds for lunch and then going to see Blood Brothers, this was amazing too! We ended the day with a chinese takeaway and a few drinks.

Day 3 was quite a relaxing day, I took these photo's in my uncles garden, he has a river in his back garden, how amazing! We did a bit of shopping, had some lunch and then it was time to leave! 

I didn't take as many photo's as I would of liked to but never mind! Results day is now less than 24 hours away and I am so nervous! Anyone else expecting results tomorrow!? 


  1. oh, gorgeous pics! The baby is so cute! :)
    Amazing set of photos.

  2. Lovely photos! And I hope your results went well today!! :)

    Chelsea x

    Its the last day to enter my giveaway if your interested :)

  3. Hey there,
    I'm only new to your blog but I love it already!
    I hope you can check mine out too and we can follow each other?


  4. Lovely pictures! Just wanted to say your blog is lovely and I tagged you in my recent post :) xxx