Monday, 18 July 2011

A (super busy) week in photos.

Sorry for posting this on a Monday but i've had such a busy weekend that i've hardly had any time to breathe! I tried to take as many photos as possible, however I forgot my camera for most of the weekend so a lot are rubbish quality from my phone! 

This week i've spent all of my free's playing sims 3 on my friends laptop, i think i'm obsessed, i made this very strange looking man | Home made pizza | Horrible photo but I somehow managed to burn half of my face! I look ridiculous | It was my brothers 20th birthday on Thursday and this was his cake | Cheeky snap of my reg girls! | Saturday was spent making a cake for my friends birthday and i'm pretty pleased with how it turned out | Me with a cosmopolitan, sex and the city eat your heart out! 

Although I didn't get any photos, my friend's band played their first gig on friday night, and they were so good! It would be amazing if you could check them out as they need as much support as they can get! Hope you all had a good weekend


  1. Ohhh I've been thinking of having a go on sims 3, I haven't played it in a while due to my pc switching off after I built the best house ever! (probably not the best house ever)

    Seems like you've had a pretty cool week, hope the sun burn heals for you!

  2. Very odd looking, yet funny strange man you have there! I'm sooo hooked with sims 3 too! I can stay up all night just building house and all...although i'm pretty bad at taking care of my people, i just love decorating and building! haha!


  3. Oh I used to love the sims - I tend to get addicted so have to restrain from playing! Sally x

  4. That first picture is creepy! That cake looks so yummy!