Tuesday, 7 June 2011

I won't let you close enough to hurt me.

(sorry this ones so dark!)
Vest (underneath) - Primark
Top and Skirt - H&M
Watch - M&S
Bird Ring - Ebay (although i think its originally from Republic)
Other Ring - Vintage

I wore this out the other night, just went to the pub with some friends, it was quite a casual thing so what i'm wearing is quite casual too! I wore a demin jacket as well but sadly forgot to photograph it. As i mentioned before, i had my last exam yesterday and seen as how some people still have exams, i'm still on study leave which means i have a week off! I haven't really got much planned, apart from a meal on thursday night. I spent the whole of today sorting and tidying my room, it was so messy and i'm not finished yet but its looking so much better already! I got a new phone yesterday, i used to have an iPhone, however i decided to give a Blackberry a go, so i got the torch and so far i really like it! 


  1. Heey, I finish my GCSE exams this week, its really scary :)
    I LOVE that ring!

    Really appreciate it if you checked out my blog, I'm starting out aswell :)

  2. you look gorgeous- LOVE THE RING! going to follow :-) xxxx

  3. lovee that lace detail on your top & that bird ring is way sweet! x